It's curtains !

The zoo is an interesting spot
we can observe various animals.

A big yawn face is cute.

It's exactly the behavior
similar to a cat I'm looking for.

When we take photos of animals at there,
the wire mesh is the flipping things ! (。・ε・。)

We bring a camera into focus
on distant object.
Then it causes the wire mesh to blur.

It would seem that lens on a camera is
a tricky stuff for them.
They glare at me with their menacing eyes.

The giraffe is a kindhearted model.
Lovely ♪

By far the most gorgeous animal is a Tiger ♪

If there isn't the wire fence,
we will find the tiger is more cool and charming.
One mistake and it would be all over.

Natsume !
You should get on with the relatives.
However, Many kinsfolk, few friends ??

Let's eat my special favorite animal's bread ♪

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  1. Brilliant zoo shots
    my compliments !!!!
    Great post thanks for sharing

    Have a wonderful day
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :-)

  2. Zoos are so interesting and you took some wonderful pictures---bars and all. I love the big cats best too. Funny how you compared Goma and Natsume with the zoo animals. MB

  3. These are some great zoo shots! The red pandas are so cute! We have two at the Lisbon Zoo.

  4. *squeaking* かわいいいいい ^_^

    My Japanese is very limited ^.^


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