You Must Believe in Spring

In the winter when I'm freezing,
I'm impatient for the spring.

And moreover, I can hardly wait for
A Lady scheduled to arrive
in Japan this February 19.

She is from the British noble, and
has ravishing good looks and dignity,
so she has captured fans over the world.

Her name is Queen Mary 2.
She is due to set out on voyage
from Yokohama to Guam.

Last weekend we went over
Daikoku-Wharf in Yokohama
where she plans to take
10 hours rest.

I hope to take satisfactory photos of
her splendid figure in this harbor.

There were many anglers in the park
attached to the fishing pier.

You must believe in a Fish.
that's not necessarily the case.

at one time, A Dog

at other times, A Cat

"You Must Believe in Spring"
by Bill Evans

My favorite tune is "The Peacocks"

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  1. A cocktail of emotions ...
    Thanks, great atmosphere - and what a wonderful choice of music!

  2. The photo of your dog against the wall painting is so cool! He looks so tiny! :-)

  3. What a wonderful post
    so many beautiful and unique photo's !!!
    Love your music (sounds so wonderful ...)

    (sorry I am late because I had a big cold :(

    ((HUGS)) from Kareltje =^.^=


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