My Hometown KOBE

We visited my hometown, Kobe
after such a long time.

At a fraction of the sojourn time,
I looked for recollective scenery that live in my memory.
Kobe is a hilly town.

And there are many occidental buildings.

In childhood, we used to do the test of courage
at a ruined occidental bldg. on Mt. James.

When I was young, I had a free-floating anxiety
about the future
. At halfway up a steep hill
I looked back a panoramic view of KOBE City.

Then, the port town shot a hopeful look at me.
It was unforgettable bittersweet spring day.

I often hear it said that "Don't look back"
But , whenever I'm afield,
I allow myself to look back
hopeful hometown on that day.

We really enjoyed the delicious French cuisine
for lunch at the restaurant.

URL : http://www.recette.jp/recipe/index.html
This trip to Kobe with my daughter
became a cherished memory .

I found old photos of Kobe taken in a long time ago.
Sannomiya Station

Beach of Suma near Kobe

How Deep is the Ocean ?

Bill Evans Trio

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  1. A trip to the hometown is a journey into memoryand in the presence ...
    Return to find and discover who we are now ...
    Thank you for this post - for me the best: pictures full of poetry and beautiful words

  2. Ad amatamari

    Grazie mille !
    Io sono molto contento per sentire
    la Sua parola riconoscibile ♪

  3. I wish I could back to my childhood
    Times goes so fast :(
    Wonderful post full in formation :-)
    Loved your pictures !!!!


    ((hugs)) Kareltje =^.^=

  4. To Anya

    I really appreciate your visit and comment.
    Have a Nice Weekend with your family !

  5. I like your pictures of Kobe. It is quite a city, if fact it is Seattle, Washington's sister city. I like the way you added the paintings and the old photographs are priceless. MB

  6. To MB
    I'm glad to hear you are interested in
    Kobe City. ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ
    I hope to visit Seattle, Kobe's sister city.
    Thank you very much ♪


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