Miraculously survived SkyWatch

Himeji Castle has miraculously survived
while many other Japanese castles were destroyed
in the Meiji period or burned in the Second World War.

Himeji Castle,
known for its beauty and supposed resemblance to an egret
was constructed in the Warring States Period.

It is noted for the maze like approach to the main castle tower
and its various devices for defense.

Skywatch Friday

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  1. Probably a place where time passes by with a different speed. Please have a nice Friday.

    daily athens

  2. Himeji Castle is a very unique building
    so amazing architecture :-)
    So different like ours ........ LOL
    Love your sky shots today !!!!!

    HUgs to all from Kareltje =^.^=

  3. Wow beautiful castle.
    Happy SWF and weekend.

  4. a stunning castle. the first photo is awesome!

  5. That looks like an incredible place, I'd love to see it. Great photos.

  6. Glad it survived. It's so different from our castles and it's gorgeous! The top shot is my favourite, just awesome.


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