Goddess Playing Lute, Benzaiten

We walk to the seashore and
get lovely breezes blowing off the ocean.
The air has a fresh saltiness.

You need a reasonable wind for windsurfing.

There are various wind and tide
in the Voyage of Life.

In a time of head-on wind,
We usually attend Enoshima Shrine,
located in the same region in
the ancient city of Kamakura
(about 50 kilometers south of Tokyo)
Naked, Playing Lute
A lot of people visited Enoshima,
since she had become popular as the goddess of fortune, 
happiness and its artistic talents.
Best known for its rather unusual naked statue of Benzaiten.
Shinto deity rarely found in such a state.

We browse in souvenir- shops
along the approach to the shrine.

Box Seat for shrine's cats

We throw some coins into
the wooden box 賽銭箱(saisen-bako)
and pray for a wish to come true by God.

Some are atheists only in fair weather.
I'm ashamed to say, Me too.

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