Suibokuga Scenery

I and my daughter joined a half-day bus tour
from Tokyo to Lake Kawaguchi.
It's about two hours each way.

The scenery from bus window and
lakeside are like an ink painting.

Suibokuga is a style of Indian-ink painting introduced to
Japan from China in the Kamakura period.

Well-stocked lakeside is holidaymakers' paradise.

Goma and Natsume are employed in tourism business !?
Kirakira/Galaxy of tourism bus which often can be found
around Yokohama Station.

Unthinkable coincidence makes us happy ♪

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  1. This entry surely made me long to see this beautiful country even more. Great photography, just like those paintings. Please have you all a great Thursday.

    daily athens

  2. Send me a mail
    I will mail you back :)


    I visit no blogs
    I'm not in the mood for that
    and I have no time to visit blogfriends
    I'm every day in the hospital !!

    ((hugs)) Anya


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