Japan's Obon

(Allow me to post subliminal pictures which encourage someone to be lazy ・・・)
Japan's Obon Festival takes place every year from August 13th to 16th.

It is a Buddhist festival held to welcome back
the departed spirits of one's ancestors
riding on animals made with vegetables.

Gozan no Okuribi

Many people receive company holidays
during the Obon period and go back to their hometowns.
Therefore making expressways and trains extremely crowded.
The city is deserted during the bon holiday.

People also enjoy Obon dancing, or Bon odori,
at summer festivals around Japan.

Bon dances are originally part of a religious ceremony
to comfort spirits and send them back.

It won't happen to them whether
Christmas and Birthday feast rolled into one.
┗┓ ̄旦 ̄┏┛

How long is your summer vacation?
Have a great holiday ♪

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  1. I Just wonder ! ..what Japan's Obon is all about ?

    Your dog and cat are cute !!!

  2. To Boom Nisanart
    Thanks for your comment.
    I'm sorry it's far from sufficient explanations.
    It's the period when we spend a time
    with family's soul.
    Please refer to as follows.
    Obon Festival

  3. Hi there..your animals are very precious! Nice job!!
    Summer lasts but a few months as far as the season goes..(growing season is longer)- I guess because of the tropics. So in that regard, we obviously have warmer weather as well but we do feel the changes.
    Thanks, hope you have a wonderful day-


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