Better Be Alone

What the hell are they doing ?

They are wiping windows to reflect the fall-time blue sky.
I fear that they may fall headlong to the ground.

Natsu ! Don't fall from the ladder !

As you well known,
They fell away and got pulled over to the Dark Side.

Surprisingly, they are strict about a rule to

I defeat our traditional rival.
FLOOR WARS / Cats vs Dogs

When a part of the moon enters the earth's umbra, that part darkens.
And so don't be afraid of one's own shadow.

Better be alone than bad company.

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  1. Natzu, my mom total agrees with you " Better be alone than bad company "
    But for me, I love " FLOOR WARS " but I have to behave otherwise I got lock up again.

    You all have a great weekend : )

  2. What an incredible find ! May you all have a peacefull weekend.

    daily athens


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