Big Cats of the Edo-period

This is my favorite big cat.
By Kokuhō ( 谷鵬 18 cent. Edo-peiod)

The following cat is
by Itō Jakuchū (伊藤 若冲 1716-1800) was

Itō Jakuchū was the eldest son , a grocer whose shop,
lay in the center of downtown,
at the Nishiki food district in Kyoto.

Known as "Kyoto's Kitchen",
Nishiki Market has a history of several centuries,
and many stores have been operated
by the same families for generations.

by Nagasawa Rosetsu ( 長沢 芦雪 1754-1799 ) was
one of the best pupils of Maruyama Ōkyo

by Nagasawa Rosetsu

Next two works by Maruyama Ōkyo ( 円山 応挙 1733–1795 )
founded the Maruyama school of painting in kyoto.

Okyo's most talented and
best known students were
Rosetsu and Genki.

Azun stay there in all his majesty.

The following cat is by Komai Genki
( 駒井 源琦 1745-1797 )

And , At Last
by Yamaguchi Natsume ( 山口 棗 2006- ) is
A Naughty Big Boy Cat
have nothing to worry about everyday !

We bought this "Byobu" at
an Antique Shop in Kyoto.
作部屋 075-752-0754

At this shop
We'll find antique Japanese style goods
for amusements
at reasonable price, and
the shopkeeper is so kind.

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