First Trip by Train on May 2009.

My reserved seat in Komachi-Superexpress for Akita.

"Kakunodate" is famous for its old samurai residences,
its hanging cherry blossoms.

From Wikipedia

"Lake Tazawa" is a caldera lake in Akita Prefecture, northern Japan.
It is the deepest lake in Japan (the maximum depth is 423.0 m).
Because of its depth, it never freezes.

"Symplocarpus renifolius" another name :Eastern Skunk Cabbage

Goma said 「Here we are at last ! Home sweet home ♪」

" Towada-Hachimantai National Park "

Drive through "Aspiteline" on Hachimantai

We visited to the most dramatic " Toshichi Hot Spring"
of Japan's Hidden Hot Springs located at the highest elevation
of any hot spring in northeastern Japan.

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  1. Oh, wow, it looks so beautiful there!

  2. 大昔、私も秋田県に行って、田沢湖も遊びに行きましたよ。温泉の話を聞いてうらやましいですね!写真とビデオありがとうございます!

  3. To Daisy
    To Tom, Tama-chan and Sei-chan

    I'm so glad you enjoy my pictures !


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