Cats in Silhouette

At any time,
A Cat is beautiful and mysterious
in Moonlit Night.

Their Eyes reflect, and
a Tail clearly outlined against the Night Sky.

What's more,
We love cats in Silhouette !

LIVE! UNIVERSE will broadcast
the total solar eclipse that occurs
on July 22,2009.
Let's Enjoy it !

Quotaion from
  Japan Projects of
  The International Year of Astronomy 2009
[Solar Eclipse ]

 ☆ Observation Program
We distribute special solar filters (sun glasses) to observe solar eclipse safely with technical manual and observation program for teacher and children.(image copyright: NAOJ)

 ☆ Internet Broadcasting
http://www.live-universe.org/index.html.en (in English)
http://www.live-universe.org/) will broadcast the total solar eclipse that occurs on July 22,2009 from multi points such as China, Amami Oshima, Tokara islands, Tanegashima, etc. in real time via internet. Detail time zone and how to watch out broadcast will be announced on the website (http://www.live-universe.org/). Everyone who has a personal computer and internet connection environments of
the broadband can see the real time broadcasting.

LIVE! UNIVERSE is a nonprofit organization based in Japan. There are LIVE! UNIVERSE broadcast of 15 solar eclipses from various places in the world via internet (7 times under the name of LIVE! ECLIPSE Executive Committee) so far. Please see the project archives for our past activities,