Drops & drops & drops

" Recently, it's Rain everyday, isn't it ?"
" I am boring "

A Lot of Drops appeared
on the Plant
After the Rain.

A Melting Cat Marble Drop !

Today, I Drop into a Dog Beauty Salon,
I have my Hair Trimmed.

Goma / my Son,
grow up to be a
Drop-Dead Cute Lady ! ( lol )

Anzu catch a faint scent of Her Perfume.

Please Look at Drops on his Whiskers !

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  1. Ohhh what a beautiful photos you have here!! I LOVE Natume and Anzu sleeping together!! so cuteeeee!! i wanna be in the middle and sleep lol.First picture is nice too!!

  2. To Goma+sachie

    Please sleep together,
    in the middle of hirsute boys. (lol)
    I'm glad for your comment ♪


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