Night Safari

I trust to be favored with
Your Company for Night Safari.

Big Cats are Coming !!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Every man for himself,
and the devil take the hindmost !!
Take Time by the forelock , for frog is bald behind.

  As you know
Curiosity killed the cat.

  大龍斎/ Tairyusai

長沢芦雪/Ngasawa Rosetsu

Goma stand against the background of
Hikawa-Maru & Hotel New Grand.

Hikawa-Maru :
The former cruise ship called “the Queen of the Pacific” sits in front of Yamashita Park. It is a luxury liner that was in service for 30 years from 1930 and has also been boarded by people such as Charlie Chaplin. It has closed temporarily as a sightseeing spot at the end of 2006. It will be turned over to NYK Line in March 2007 for a year of repairs with the goal of reopening in the spring of 2008.
Hotel New Grand :

A sequel to the story

I can get a chance of touching him !
28, July 2009

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