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Do you know him?
As you know, he is Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt (1862 – 1918) was
an Austrian Symbolist painter and
one of the most prominent members of the
(Vienna Secession) movement.

In Fact, He was an earnest Cat Lover.
He Lived with 8 Cats.

His masterpiece:
The Tree of Life - Stoclet Frieze
I make a @ Spiral Art @
with my Cats ,
Hommage to Gustav Klimt.

A note of caution!
This is not Right how to use
"Mosquito-repellent incense"

This is Right !

This is a Case
for Mosquito-repellent incense.
Made from Nambu ironware.

In Summer, We are troubled to mosquitoes.
Those become a ill disease medium.
Natsume have Mosquito Allergy.
Monthly Preventive medicine
avoid Goma from dog heartworm.

Natsume, Do you call me?
I Love Dog Food ♪

While commuting, passengers spend their time
in many different ways.

What if he is knitting, Klimt ?!

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  1. OMG!!! I love Klimt he is one of my favorite artist!! I love Katori senkou on Natsume and Anzu's head!! soooooo funny!!! great post as always! very educational!

  2. WONDERFUL post,
    thanks for sharing ^__^
    I enjoy it :)

  3. I must tell you I didn't recognize Gustav Klimt on the photo!... I've just seen two of his paintings in London and Prague, but would love to see all! And I love your version of Klimt's cat! :-)

  4. To Goma+Sachie

    I'm glad to hear Klimt is Your Favorite
    Aritist. It is easy to take such a shot
    of Natsume, but a little dificcult of Anzu.

  5. To Anya

    I'm glad your Visit!
    Recently, it is cool at early in the morning,
    and evening in Japan.
    How about your wonderful Town?

  6. To JM

    Klimt is a Popular Artist in Japan.
    However, I want to appreciate his pieces
    abroad in Europe.
    Oh, I'm disappointed he isn't Klimt.
    I intend to order him my warm Dress in


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