Jazz & Steam Whistle

Music on the Passenger Ships
In Title of the Music
Played by Japanese Ship Band,
I find some Keywords.

Gypsy, Moon, Spanish, Serenade,
Desert, Caravan,Dance

The Following are only my Images:

Sérénade espagnole (1953) / Spanish Serenade ♪

as Port Town People develop a Longing for

Foreign Countries and Foreigners,
A Port Town connote "Exotic Culture"

I lived in Kobe and now, Yokohama.

For all ages,
I can rarely hear the Ship Whistle
up from over there.

It is My Lucy Day !

at Exotic Town
Shopping Street.

A shopping street
opened at

the opening of the port by
purveyors to foreign
residents living in
the foreign settlement.

It is too hot
for Goma.

From the next time,
I have to consider
policies for

cooling down him.

Goma meet a Cute Doggy♪

Longing for Mother,
Natsume Jump onto my Back.
Look at his smiling Face!!

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  1. A nice music post today :))))))
    Amazing pictures all !!
    Yor cat also smiles ... LOL
    Have a nice sunday evening my friends
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  2. To Anya
    At all time,
    I'm so glad your visit.
    Please enjoy additional upload
    Music Video ”Spanish Serenade”♪

  3. What an interesting post! And the music is wonderful!

  4. TO JM

    I'm glad your visit.
    I love this beautiful music.
    Please tell us Spanish Music.


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