In Pleasant Shade

By Natsume
Early in the evening ,
It's so comfortable
I feel Cool Wind against my cheek.

In the Shade of a tree of Maple,
I find curious Mushrooms on the tree.

Meanwhile ,
Goma is waiting for him
Coming by his Usual Promenade.

His name is " kai " 海 
means "Sea"

A Japanese midget Shiba

He is Goma's one and only Dog Friend.
Goma get along well with Kai ,
for reasons best known to himself.

It's impossible to please
Elder Sister, Kurumi.

I don't know a reason why
She is in a good mood today.

These are Seeds of the Cameria

This is the flower of Kumquat 金柑 
Kumquat from Wikipedia

My father takes good care of this tree.
He is looking forward to cropping the fruits.

It is a Funny story,
My father never eat them.

Please enjoy my Video !
Goma take a Cabbage Break.

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  1. Great shots! The animals, the flowers and the mushrooms look fantastic!

  2. To JM
    How nice of you come!
    I Love Curios.

  3. So many BEAUTIFUL shots I love it :))))
    Thanks for sharing !!!!
    hugs to all
    Kareltje =^.^=

  4. To Anya

    Tks for your Shot at Beach,
    I can travel through time ♪

  5. Hi my friends
    I have a very cute video on my blog from a cat that is playing piano, she plays really self
    Have a wonderful weekend
    your friends
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)


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