MS Asuka Ⅱ/cruise ship

With Goma , we walk aroud port areas
close to
"Osanbashi Pier"
(Yokohama International Passenger Terminal)

This pier, called "Meriken(American) Wharf" ,
serves as the maritime entrance to Yokohama Port. It is presently used as an international marine terminal for luxury cruise ships, such as the Queen Elizabeth II, from around the world.

At 5:00pm, Elegant Lady
Asuka Ⅱis smoking blacksmoke,
3 Times she blow Steam Whistle
shipping out for
One-Night Cruise in Yokohama Port.
Aug.15 , 2009

MS Asuka Ⅱ

Sightseeing Excursion Bus
"Akai Kutsu"

The retro-style red bus "Akai Kutsu" route starts at Sakuragi-cho station, tours the Minato-Mirai area, China Town, Yamashita Park, and Minato No Mieruoka Park. Various sightseeing information is provided on the bus. The bus even operates on weekdays, too.
Fares are 100 yen for adults, 50 yen for children.
A special one-day ticket is also available

At Yokohama Bayside Store & Factory Outlet
MontBell Japan support@montbell.com

Please Enjoy Night View ♪

Minato Mirai 21 Area in Yokohama

I'm Sorry for an Unclear Video.

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