Chinatown in Yokohama

It is the first day in consecutive holidays.
Moreover, it is very fine today.
Let's go to the Chinatown !

Gates to Chinatown, built based on
the Chinese horoscope, are called Pairo.

Living up to its boast of being one of the biggest Chinatowns
in the world, more than 500 restaurants and groceries etc.
throng here. A unique look of the stores lining the streets,
colored yellow and red, engenders another
exotic atmosphere to Yokohama.

One of the heroes in the romance of "The Three Kingdoms" ,
'Kanwu', is enshrined as the God of
Business in this magnificent richly colored temple.
This symbol of Chinatown is beautifully
illuminated at night. Admission charged.

Through the Chinatown

We will go to adjacent
Motomachi shopping street.

In this town,
there are many opportunities
to be able to meet the people
who are shopping with a rare dog.

My dinner is a steamed meat bun
bought in the Chinatown.

Do you think my big paw resembles
a steamed meat bun ?

All my eye !

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  1. I wish I could walk there,
    so colorful beautiful country :)
    I will visit Japan for a vacation,
    I want all see with my on eYes.
    Our wish is a far holiday Japan or India,
    but I think we are going to your country,
    but its a expensive holiday ;)
    Thanks for all your photo's and enjoy your holiday :)

  2. Hugsss & Love to


    Kareltje =^.^=

  3. To Anya
    when you drop in at Yokohama,
    We will act as a tour guide of the half day
    with my husband. It is necessary for us
    to make a collection of many example
    sentences for a guide. (LOL)

  4. Wonderful photos of Chinatown! So much detail and colour!
    Happy holidays! :-)

  5. To JM
    Thank you for dropping in every time.
    I will go out as much as possible
    to the suburbs and want to introduce
    Japanese beautiful nature.

  6. Hi
    Did you also have that purchase for your cats
    its soooooo soft
    Kareltje loves it
    (Its the second one the first is :( completely worn .... )
    Thanks for being a tour guide when we ever go to JAPAN ;)
    Have a wonderful sunday
    Anya :)


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