Let's make Totem Pole !

I feel charm for the scenery that
cactus soar on the desolate earth.

I feel mysterious charm that living entities
have habitation in the desert, they have the vitality
to be able to grow up in the severe environment.

The desert animal I feel charm is
Land Iguana.

I think they are attractive !

How about you ?
I made the miniature garden
some cactus were put on.

I want to display a symbolic ornament.

Totem Pole ♪

However a favorite thing is not found.
Let's order an original totem pole !

What do you think of this ?

Moreover, for a midnight snack,
I made a pizza.
A pizza crust, four kinds of cheese,
canned snow crab, canned scallops, olive oil,
black pepper, mushroom, paprika

This is a kind of
Totem Pole
made from the canned food
of fishery products.

Will you think so?

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  1. BEAUTIFUL post,
    you are very creative :)
    I love also cactus they are very special for me,I collect many :)
    Have a wonderful day ....

  2. In 2003 I spent one month travelling throughout Mexico and I have started my cacti collection when I came back home. I just love this post! :-)

  3. To Anya
    Thank you for speaking well of
    my poor miniature garden.(LOL)
    I will take care carefully
    to bloom the cactus ♪
    ∧_∧  ∧_∧
    ( ‘∀‘)人(・▽・ )

  4. To JM
    I longed for your
    excellent cactus world.
    And I made a miniature garden (LOL)

    Surely the South American cactus
    will be splendid !
    Tks for your visit.

  5. Thank you for stopping by our blog! We approve of the totem pole! ;)

    Bajas & Virus

  6. To Aniemother

    I'm very glad of your visit.
    ☆⌒(*^-゚)v Thanks!!

    And gald to have you be interested in
    a totem pole ♪

  7. To Bruce
    Your praise make me
    feel honored. ('-'*)♪
    Thanks for your visit !


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