Jinbōchō, Tokyo / Old Book Street

Last weekend , with my husband
I went to the Old Book Street

In this Town,
There are a lot of bookstores.
It will be found

Various kinds of Precious books !

Each Bookstore handles
the book
of the specialized field.

Literature 15 shops ② Japanese classics document 13 shops
History 12 shops ④ Philosophy and Religion 7 shops
Foreign books 9 shops ⑥ Social science 11 shops
Natural science 9 shops ⑧ Fine arts and Prints 14 shops
Hobby and Art 28 shops ⑩ Sub-culture 14 shops
And The Other old books 25 shops

Area Guide Site http://jimbou.info/

Which field of the book are you interested in?
I recommend you take a break in
A favorite Coffee Shop in 39 shops.

In KANDA close to the Imperial Palace ,
A new building and an old building coexist.

At the old building area ,
I found 2 Cats.

They made a quick Getaway ! (sigh)

I will look in the Japanese Sweet Shop.

Is the reason
there is God of
the Mouse
around here ?

In my house, there are Items that invite good fortune, such as Maneki Neko
(beckoning cat) are called "Engimono".
In Japan, The cat raising the right hand causes Money. The cat raising the left hand invites Consumers .


We were wrapped up in going around wide area
over several hours. We were completely tired.

It's just Bean Time!

We took Japanese foods, Beer, Japanese liquor.
Fish dishes were very delicious!

At Japanese-style Pub
居酒屋 みますや

Established in 1903

The book does not have habitation
only in

It's a good time to go on a short trip ♪

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  1. Wonderful pictures all,
    thanks for sharing so many :)))
    I enjoyed it,
    I love it to see shots from your country!!!!
    I want more ........ LOL
    Have a lovely day :)

    Kareltje =^.^=

  2. What I most like on this post are the signs. Japanese writing is beautiful!

  3. To Anya
    At the time of next excursion,
    I will not forget my camera!

    Tks to You!
    ∧_∧  ∧_∧
    ( ‘∀‘)人(・▽・ )

  4. To JM
    I'm very glad to have you enjoy
    the Japanese style of writing /Signs
    of the street corner.
    Tks to You !


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