Japanese garden SANKEIEN in Yokohama

Let's put on a hat
for autumn hiking.

We went to enjoy Japanese garden
It takes approximately 30minutes by car
from Yokohama Station.

This vast, genuine Japanese garden with an area of 180,000 square meters was built in 1906 by Sankei Hara, who made a fortune through silk trading, and was also known as a dilettante. Rinshunkaku and the three story pagoda (moved from the former Tomyoji temple) in the garden have been designated as national cultural properties. The garden is well known for its plum blossoms in winter, cherry blossoms and azaleas in spring, and the changing colors of leaves in autumn, making it popular among foreign visitors.

We ate a nizakana
(fish boiled with sugar and soy sauce)
rice , miso soup and
pickled vegetables for lunch.

Many Japanese restaurants use them

as good luck charms to attract customers.

A lot of large carp open a big mouth.
Please do not be surprised.

Natsume's eye color is green.

How about his parents, brothers ?

his Father !

his Mother !

his Brothers

The green eye will be connected
like the necklace of green acorns.

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  1. Beautiful Gardens. the arboretum in Seattle has an excellent Japanese Gardens too.
    Love the cats. They look like american Shorthair. Sweet faces.
    The doggie in the hat. Perfect. MB

  2. The Japanese Garden shots are just fabulous! What a beautiful place! Love it!

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  5. Japanese garden SANKEIEN in Yokohama

    Thanks for sharing!

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