Let's utilize acorn ♪

We picked up a lot of acorns
on the weekend in a park.

I want to utilize acorns happily.

It is difficult for me to make this. (LOL)

I hit on a good idea !

①  I prepare a small bottle.

②  I prepare burrs, leaves, an acorns
of the imitation.

I bought
one set of chestnuts decoration -
100yen≒1 $,
one set of acorn & leaves decoration -
100yen≒1 $.

④ I stick paper clay on the
front of the bottle, and
fit acorns on paper clay.

You can make such

an ornament easily ♪

Appreciate it together.

Let's enjoy the harvest of the autumn !

Rice cooked with chestnuts

Goma met two black doggy in the park.

They were very cute !
Please enjoy my movie.

Weekend for every doggy

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  1. Its a wonderful post about autumn.
    Here it is also started !!!!!
    The leaves are red colored etc...
    I enjoyed your video,
    so funny to see it :))))
    Beautiful photo's today !!!
    Have a great weekend..
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  2. These are some lovely shots! Your pets are so very cute!

  3. 内もドングリいっぱいありますよ!

  4. To Anya
    I enjoyed autumn with your photograph
    the other day. =*^-^*=♪
    I'm glad there are many delicious crops
    in autumn.
    Tks to you !

  5. To JM
    I am very glad to have
    you like my family.
    Thank you !

  6. To Tom,tama-chan and sei-chan


  7. Hi Anzu
    Thanks for your two comments and that you are praying for me :)))
    Its better now, it hurts a little
    but I take rest I must :)))
    I have make a wrong move with fitness training or bodypump ?!?!
    I never had such a pain before :((
    I type now one comment only to you thats enough for this evening ^__^

    Your last post is AMAZING
    I love Japanese Gardens ( I have self a collection bonzai trees) LOOK-A-LIKE ;)


    hugs to all

  8. To Anya
    The tenacity is not
    good for your body, now.
    It is necessary to
    rest quietly in bed.
    The Japanese garden which you made
    is very impressive.
    ('∇^d) nice ☆!!
    I love your fancy garden.

  9. Hi Anzu
    I am almost the whole day in bed !!
    I rest ....
    I sit now a few minutes behind the pc
    for checking mails and your comment :)
    Its nice to hear that you like my garden.
    Special the first picture from the red tree
    I am very proud of that tree :)))))

  10. To Anya
    It happened that your maple is
    the same kind of maple in my garden.
    It is strange that
    the leaves turn into green from red,
    isn't it?
    ( ・◇・)?(・◇・ )


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