My place to rest in peace

I'm a happy-go-lucky guy.
Even so,
the noisy those fellows are unpleasant.
I will leave here and go for another place.

It is departure from this station.

Beautiful flower !
I follow a path in the sun.

It's a right path
where a flower blooms.

A path changed.
There is a shallow brook.

The course is not wrong.
I will step over a brook carefully.

A white flower, a red fruit
these lucky charm are my guideposts.

The path to high place is dark.

The sky is dark.

I fear
getting lost


Fear has a
quick ear.

However, I should be a lucky guy.
I believe myself chose this way.

It is all right. Probably
the adventure shall be almost over.

I hear a slight sound of movement. I utter a low growl.

I hear a voice.


It is my mother
calling my name.

I was not wrong. And,I will choose the course to my sweet home.

pink madder sky
my ticket is a round-trip ticket.
I have the cats to get back to.

I get a little souvenir.
Some red peppers and the fruits of the ginkgo.

Now, I am in the place where
my family always protect me.

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  1. oh MY God!!!!How do u get to sleep, to talk?

    good luck at the next place

    have a nice weekend, dearest

  2. To magiceye
    I am so glad to have you enjoy
    my clumsy story.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. To Grace Olsson
    I'm honored your visit!
    I feel strength and spirit
    in your splendid photos.

  4. What a fun adventure, and such a clever doggie write a story and take those photos too :)

  5. Its a very LOVELY story
    and my compliments for the great shots :)
    That skyshot its almost a purple sky
    (I have never seen before such a sky :)))))
    Have a wonderful sunday
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)

  6. Beautiful spots! Love the pathways and the river stone crossway.

  7. To Sue McGettigan
    It is my pleasure to hear
    you enjoyed the adventure story
    of my doggie.
    Your visit makes me happy.
    ★(*^-゚)v Thanks!!★

  8. To Anya
    I’m sooooo glad
    your complete recovery.
     ♪(●´▽`●)♪ and
    I look forward to
    your cheerful blog.
    Thanks for your visit♪

  9. To JM
    He acted well a man at a crossroads
    in his life, didn't he? (LOL)
    Tks to You!

  10. Goma, you are SO LUCKY to have such a nice place to go to. We saw flowers that are very popular in gardening here in Europe: The Cimicifuga, the Aster... Beautiful post! Thank you for taking us along with you.
    Siena & Chilli

  11. To Siena & Chilli
    I'm glad to hear
    you joined Goma on this trip.
    Thank you very much!


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