It's Time Bat Flying

The Bat was a good-luck symbol of happiness
at one time in Japan.

At Japanese old house, occasionally
I find a bat put on the transom window 
made of wooden panel , on the
paper sliding door and the building decorated
various charms against evil.

Our ancestors liked it as the lucky animal
which exterminated the harmful insects of the fields.

Bat is one of the "engimono"
in China because
they bear a lot of children.

Samurai Art
Japanese Sword mountings (Tuba )

Beautiful kimono with Bat motif
is spiffy-looking.

Jolly fellow/ Bat-Samurai
in art prints on the Edo period

歌川 国芳Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Halloween is celebrated in many countries on October 31st.
Halloween has recently gotten popular in Japan.
It's a fantastic event adults and children enjoy together.

My house where there is a lot to do.

Please enjoy & (;´▽`A`` be careful !
A Playful Thriller Slide

My doggy and Cats appear in it.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Halloween Night

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  1. Wonderful very interesting post today :)
    Thanks for sharing !!!
    In the Netherlands they celebrate no Halloween :(
    You have published very special shots today
    I love it
    Its really Japans ..... LOL
    Have a wonderful evening
    Anya :)

  2. Fantastic bat series! And very appropriate now! :-)

  3. Aww furry baby like Hallowe'en too.
    I like bats too and think they bring good luck. We have them here and they nest by our front porch. They eat a lot of flying bugs. MB

  4. To Anya
    I'm so glad to hear
    you enjoyed my shots. (´∀`)♪
    Tks to you!

  5. To JM
    How grand of you to stop by.
    Tks! (*'-'*)

  6. To MB
    Bat is a mysterious creature, isn't it.
    It is difficult for me to find the nest.
    「・_・ )(「・_・)"
    I hope to observe it at close range.
    Tks to your fantastic Halloween shots.

  7. Oh incredible series: I have never seen a tsuba with bats!
    Thank you, very nice and interesting!

  8. To amatamari
    I'm flattered to hear
    you had a fun time.
    And welcome here! Tks.

  9. I can't imagine a Western woman wearing clothes with bats, unless she is a gothic girl :-)

    Here in Finland bats are protected. There are places where bat viewing is organized, but I still never went there.

    If you want, you can see toy-bats in Villa Elfvik Nature House here:
    Just scroll down a bit to see the "bat cave" - a small veranda with "bats". In Villa Elfvik there's a lot of information about nature around, so in the bat cave they tell about 3 bat species that live near.

    I liked your thriller, cute photos! ^_^


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