Euclid's Window

I'm lousy at math. I'm innumerate.
I'm math illiterate.

Natsume can talk about the Poetry of Mathematics.
He is interested in Euclidean Space.

Parallel Lines!

This is Euclid's Window, isn't it ?

Euclid and his followers from the "School of Athens."

by René Magritte 1955

Parallel Shift →
Plane of Reflection  f: · → ·  ?
Anzu is interested in Mathematical Chaos.

He can associate similarity ∽
shape with Fractal Plants.

And then,
Anzu calculates what are the odds that
he can eat seasonal cream-filled doughnut.

There is more to cats
than meets the eye !

Goma ! Don't worry ・・・
Once you start going to nursery school, you'll start talking a lot.

Early ripe, Early rotten.

M.C. Escher (1898 - 1972)
An invitation to the Labyrinth for you ♪

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  1. Hi
    Sorry we are so late
    I didn't see on my blog that you had a new post!!

    Anzu is a very cute cat =^.^=
    Amazing post you make.
    You are very creative !!!

    Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends
    Anya :-)
    Kareltje =^.^=

  2. What a very clever and funny post! Well done!

  3. To Anya
    I'm glad to hear you like
    my fluffy cat, Anzu ♪ =①。①= 
    Your visit always makes me happy!
    Thank you! (*´∇`*)

  4. To JM
    It seems like to me that
    mathematical genius is ET of the farthest
    reaches of the universe.
    Babelization! (LOL)
    I'm glad your visit. (´▽`*)Tks!


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