SkyWatch No.1

Please click on photos to see more clear scenery ♪

November 20, Fri. 15℃ pm 13:00
To see many wonderful skies, click here!

Skywatch Friday

6 件のコメント:

  1. Wow!!
    Very beautiful sky shots today :-)
    They make my day
    its here dark and grey
    and I think there is rain coming :(
    Have a wonderful day
    thanks for sharing your amazing sky shots !!
    Anya :)
    Kareltje =^.^=

  2. Fantastic skies! Are they all taken in Yokohama? Your area of the world does not look anything like I imagined.

  3. Great series of sky photos, I love the cool bridge too.

  4. To Anya
    I want to show more fine photos for you.
    My photo technic lacks strength to please you.
    I will get it little by little.

  5. To hetty

    (*´∇`*) I'm glad to meet you!
    It is the hot spots in Yokohama
    where a tourist does not know.
    Your Blog is fun to watch♪

  6. To eileeninmd
    Nice to meet you! =*^-^*=
    Your Blog is very fantastic.
    Your dog is lovely.
    U。・ェ・。Uノ~ nice to meet you, MAUI.


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