Skywatch / Queen Mary 2

I'm not real good at goodbyes.

Sketch a wave of farewell at her
with painful reluctance.

Have a nice day !

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Skywatch Friday

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  1. A ship as big as the sky.

    What lucky to see it as well, once in Hamburg, Germany. A wonderful Friday for you.

  2. Beautiful shots. That ship is huge.

  3. Love the cruise ship.
    Nice skies and captures!
    Have great weekend.

  4. I've recently watched a documentary film on National Geographic Channel about the construction of Queen Mary and now I'm very impressed with your photos, it seems that the ship is bigger than I thought.

  5. WONDERFUL sky shots :-)
    And a BIG BIG boat ...... LOL
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful shots !!!

    ((HUGS)) Kareltje =^.^=

  6. Hello Anzu! How wonderful for you to see QMII and share the sights with us! It's an amazing ship. We have QMI docked close by in Long Beach - it's old and grand but not as impressive at this one. Most excellent Sky Watch!

  7. I load up larger image photos, now.
    Click photos and please use them freely.

    Thank you very much for every comment.

  8. Wonderful photos of the ship on both posts, this and the previous too.


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