At Your Own Pace

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics came to an end.

Well, every Olympics has its own drama.
That was so much fun !

All Olympic athletes stepped up efforts.
Regrettably, effort does not lead directly to success.

Miga / Sumi

It's with great pleasure that
Mao Asada won a silver medal,
Daisuke Takahashi won a bronze medal,
in the figure skating competition at this Olympics.

kiss for you!  ☆  She is graceful !

Congratulations! ☆  He is Groovy !

We need not struggle mastery.

We need not compete on the speed.
Enjoy skating at your own pace.

Under the every sky,
I hope to enjoy Skating of Life
at an unhurried pace with You ♪

Skating in Central Park
bill evans / piano
jim hall / guitar

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  1. ▼*゚v゚*▼
    You are VERY creative
    WONDERFUL funny post :-)
    Love the photo's ...
    and the lovely words !!

    ((hugs)) Kareltje =^.^=

  2. Sport is a way very hard and difficult ...
    A post - as always - wonderful!!!

  3. Skating is so beautiful to watch.
    All your pictures are good.
    Thanks for saying hello to little Prisilla. MB


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