Ride his Luck !

You and I will walk on the glorious pathways
strewn with cherry blossom petals.

Under the splendid canopy,
we receive a shower of blossom welcome.

Goma meets a novelty pet
which is destined never to meet again.

one rly owl ? (one RLY?)

A near-miss

A petal stays still attached on his head.

Ride his Luck !

We'll just keep going on our way.

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  1. Wow.. Gomma it was a real owl :)))))
    Wow.. Gomma you are so cute with Dutch tulips ;)
    Wow.. Gomma nice to see you with your Daddy !!
    Woooooooow.. BEAUTIFUL blossom :))))

    In my garden the cherry blossom is also BEAUTIFUL
    (I always forget to make a picture ;)

    Goodnight ...
    Hugs to all Kareltje =^.^=

  2. To Anya
     Thank you calling him Gomma !

    It sounds very lovely.
    I'll call him ”Gomma ♪”

    Tulip is really a cute flower
    hallmark of your country.

  3. A great, unbelievable charm envelops all pictures...the first photo looks like a old painting!
    Thanks for this wonderful post!


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