Totally Stupid Rules ?


My Gosh !


I got a parking citation ??????????

To park my car,
I dropped 300 yen ( $ 3 )
in the 60-minute parking meter ♪

Ⅱ. I enjoyed some chitchat over a lunch
with my daughter and her friend ♪♪

Ⅲ. The violation flag of
parking meter showed
80 minutes.

Ⅳ. As ill luck would have it,
Parking attendants found it.

On penalty of overrun parking of 20 minutes,
Ⅴ. I'm subject to a 10,000yen ($100) fine.
Give me some slack !! Is that true?
Yes, Too True to be Funny !

I think I missed something.

Thank you,Goma ・・・
TSR (totally stupid rules)
Nothing I say will make a difference.
It is no use crying over spilt milk.

The motorized society bring as many headaches
as it does conveniences.
I receive many goods from Amazon.
But we do not live in the Jungle.

Or better yet,
Shall we join Iggy Pop ?

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  1. $100 fine for 20 minutes?! This is too much! Very funny images though.

  2. OMG
    Sooooooooooooooo many :(
    Love your pictures today !!!!!!

  3. Oh sorry...Perhaps by bike or on foot is better
    but not alwaysis possible!

    A beautiful and funny post, thanks!


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