Take off a Coat

The season for
"Take off a Coat" has come again.

And then,
it's just a time we take off a coat
to new work seriously.

We have good reasons to be worried about
the changes in the environment.
In an unfamiliar place,
people of strange speech.

Though uncomfortable at first,
It's easier than you may think.
(Fear is greater than the danger)

Proud of the work !

Don't forget to show your appreciation.

I'm sure
It'll work out ♪

Totally aside from this,
Anzu took off his fur coat.

To our delight, he undergo
a major change of character.

He longs for us in babyish ways
and runs actively.

An-chan is really KAWAII

This style is called Summer-Cut.
It keeps his body cool while humid season.
His coat shall become normal again in Autumn.
He is doing great ♪

5 件のコメント:

  1. Did Anzu really take of his coat ?????
    He looks so sad..... !!!!!
    (No its not Anzu I see no bleu eyes ;)

    Never heard from the season take of your clothes!!
    Souns interesting.

    Have a wonderful weekend
    Hugs to all Kareltje =.^=

  2. To Anya
    I don't blame you for being surprised.
    Anzu got many hairballs on his coat. (T△T)

    This style is called Summer-Cut.
    It keeps his body cool while humid season.
    It shall become normal again at Autumn.

    He is doing great♪ ∬´ー`∬ Thank You.

  3. Ooppppppppsss...
    It was real Anzu, Wow!!

    I believe you ..... :))))
    It looks so naked ..... LOL
    But for his fur YES I think it works.

    Thanks for your answer !!!!
    Have a nice sunday :)
    give Anzu special hugs
    Kareltje =^.^=

  4. Anzu looks totally cool and funny! Now he's got to get used to the new look. Great selection of vintage pics.


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