Each Game Plans

Cats are not a team player.
I'm a bit of a maverick.

We have instantaneous force and dynamic vision,
moreover we stick to appearances.
Do I Look OK ?

What do you think are your weakness ?
★ Rain depresses me ★

 A lack of perseverance ☆

Dogs run headlong into the target.
Entrust me !

We give attention to our boss,
and perform a task as directed.

You'll be rewarded for your adorable faithfulness !
I'm glad to get appreciation

In addition, it's my cherished motto,
Picky eating is an enemy to guts !
Would you like a doggy bag ?
By all means !

Have a passion for winning and
plan for your victory !!

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  1. How nice to see. Wishing you always the best results. Please have a nice Thursday as well.

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  2. They look so cute! Funny post.


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