Monster SkyWatch

I'm sure it's a Cocoon of
MOTHRA / monster moth
in Tokyo.

Click to enlarge, and find far-off Tokyo Tower on the left.

Mothra is a kaiju, a type of fictional monster
of 1961 movie in Japan.

Mothra ( Tokyo S.O.S.)

Skywatch Friday

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  1. That's quite an impressive building.

  2. so that's where the inspiration came:))

  3. An impressive building which I do hope does not get pushed over by some huge insect!

  4. Looks like the standing up of the Bird's nest in Beijing.

    Won't like to see a giant caterpillar.

  5. That's an amazing cocoon! Great shots! Also like the comics! :-)

  6. Fantastica questa struttura !
    Salirci... emh, credo che ne avrei un pò paura !!!
    Bellissima foto.
    Buona giornata e grazie della visita :-)

  7. That's a fantastic building, it really does look like a cocoon, and your shots are excellent. I also love the pictures of your very cute dog and fun cat. I can't have a cat because my whole family is allergic to them.

  8. wow - what an amazing building to see. Reminded me of Gozilla and King Kong. May the people living inside have a nice and safe life. A great start into the weekend for you.

    daily athens

  9. What a unique building! Mothra's cocoon for sure!! Domo arigato :-)

  10. To Rosadimaggio63

    ♪( *^-゚)/⌒☆゙Per favore prenda una casa di fotografia favorita con Lei.
    Grazie per una visita !!


    is it funny? My name is Ann, a very good Japanese friend I have in Singapore is Chinatsu. And your blog is called Ann Natsu.

    I have a 5 year old student called Hinami, the Europeon teachers can't pronounce her name, and call her Hannah. Only I can call her Hinami, so she likes me very much.

    Glad you like the Zhungzhi. Next time I make, I will DHL to you LOL

  12. To Ann
    I'm looking forward to a chilled parcel from you. (LOL)
    Maybe Ann & Natsu under the sun become friendly ♪

  13. An absolutely great structure, it seems a sort of hive, very cool subject!

    ps: Kaiju are great movies! The last one I saw was Gwoemul (korean for 'The Host').

    See ya man!
    Saluti da Roma!


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