Half your luck !

In Japan, college students usually start looking for jobs
before they begin their senior year of school.
Nowadays it's so difficult for college graduates to find a job.
The class of 2011 is in the worst hiring slump since 1996.
My daughter is in just the class of 2011.

She has been trying various company's selections of some dozen times,
but could not get an offer letter of a reputable firm.

Looking for a job can be depressing, and
she has lost heart with contemplating her uncertain future during 8 months.
One day she wept with big drops of tears from both eyes
in times of complete lack of confidence.
We could only imagine how sad it is for her to fail repeatedly,
and encourage her with positive feedback.
Consistently, she hanged in there and went forward even in dark days.

Yesterday, My daughter had the fortune to get
an official job offer after graduation.
We can finally extract ourselves from the " Deep and Dark Tunnel ".

Half your luck !
I'll bet you're looking forward to graduating.

Of course ,
They are single folks of independent means for the entire lifetime.

They're as snug as a bug in a rug.

Goma was selected for his individual look.

He is playing with no care in the world.

Lucky guys at all. ∈(*´◇`*)∋

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  1. Oh Ann..such a grim story here- yet I was happy to read with a great outcome for her and a relief to all!! (A big hug) I can image..it's pretty bad all over!
    Our beloved pets are truly oblivious..yet can be effected by our emotions- dogs for sure as cats maybe wouldn't be too concerned really? (Lol) Cartoon is cute and your models are fabulous- the lighting is super! A great day to you-:)

  2. Congratulations to your daughter! That is truly excellent news! :)

  3. I'm very happy for your daughter's official job offer! I hope she will continue to do well in her senior year. I hope also for more jobs for all those who want to work.

    And for those so snug and comfortable ;-D they must earn their dinner by giving out plenty of love.☺ ☺ ♥ ♥

  4. おめでとうございます。良かったですねっ。

    じつは突然話が変わるのですが、アンナ(A. Ikeda)がbudgettrouble.comで新規のphoto challenge memeを始めたいと唐突に言い出したんです。これが言い出したら手が付けられないので困ってますが、新しいmemeの名前が"Show me Japan"で、毎週末にエントリーを開始する予定だそうです。





  5. Yoshi. 様
     とても光栄なお誘いありがとうございます! 本当に大丈夫なのかしら?と思いますが、私でお役に立てることなら なんなりと「好きにやっちゃって~♪」いぇ、実はリンクする方法が分かりません。
    (・vv・;) ハニャ ?? 娘に教えてもらいながらトライしてみます。出来ない際はご指導宜しくお願い致します!

  6. Anzuさん。

    Budget Troubleのリンク中に日本語の説明加えましたのでご参照ください(左のバナーのFun links中の最初の"Show Me Japan")。説明が不十分な箇所もあると思いますので、いつでも何でもご質問頂ければ幸いです。

  7. Concratulations upon this achievement ! About five hundred years ago, a German said, that he "would plant an apple tree tonight, if knowing, that the world would end tomorrow."

    May time and life continue to treat you all kind.

    daily athens

  8. Thank you very much for many
    gracious notes of congratulations. (*´ェ`*)


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