A Caterpillar to A Butterfly - Show me Japan

The Marunouchi business district in Tokyo

(The redbrick Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museumim)

Town of Tokyo should change a girl

from a caterpillar to a butterfly.


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  1. Hi Anzu,
    Thank you for participating in "Show Me Japan"! I really appreciate it.
    突然の申し出に快く承諾していただきありがとうございます。今後もShow Me Japanを暖かく見守って頂ければ幸いです。

  2. Hi Anzu!
    Thank you so much for adding your entry. You take such great photos and make even the simplest things look so beautiful. I hardly ever go to Tokyo, so it's always great to see the "big" city. :)
    But I'll be there on December 12, I hope to see awesome Christmas lights!

  3. Very nice images of the business district..my favorite is the first one in-door! The statue is just cool and the glass above that nice red building! Super shots Ann! Wishes to you- for a wonderful weekend-

  4. I very, very much enjoy your photographs of the big city. We live hours and hours from a place that busy. If I lived there it is certain I would have to change a lot about the way I live. Enjoy your weekend, Ansu. And hugs to the kitties and dog.

  5. Those butterflies will surely be able to provide only the Good. Thank you for showing your environement. Impressive ! Please have a good weekend.

    daily athens

  6. That looks like a beautiful city. It would be hard for me to put up a Japan-related photo as I've never been there. But it's a country that I'd love to visit, as it looks fantastic and everyone who goes there seems to love their visit.

  7. Wonderful set of images! I particularly like the top and bottom shots. Great work, Anzu!


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