Old-Timey Visual Scene

It's fall of the leaf.
Let's date back a half-century for the people's lives in Japan.
The typical Japanese houses surrounded by wooden board fences.

In the drying area at rooftop,
the residents in the house were keeping a wistful eye
on the round full moon in autumn and the stars in winter,
fluffy white cloud in summer.

Raking fallen leaves in the precincts of a shrine
used to be done by local volunteers.

It looks like that Goma is arranged
in one of dioramas for Shinto shrine.

They baked their sweet potatoes just harvested in the raked fallen leaves.

We found a shadow of Japan's good old days on walking course.
Our commuter buses run through a small local shopping street.
One of the bus stops is located in front of an old communal bathhouse /Sentō. (銭湯)
A small of bookstore is carried on business in combination with a flower shop.

In the summer and the early fall,
there are the flowers, a kind of morning glory flowers blooming lovely
hanging in the shop's roof.
These were also usual scenes in my old time.

Look at the showcases of the Japan Newspaper Museum in Yokohama.
Taking pictures is permitted there.
These are miniature newspaper readers in the days of
our grandparents, parents, and childhood.

Let me show you one of newspapers nonsubscribers nowadays.

By the way,Do you know Sentō in Tokyo ?

Onna yu ("Bathhouse Women") by Torii Kiyonaga (1752–1815)

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  1. 人形がいるジオラマ、昭和の匂いがして、胸がちょっとジンとしますねっ。
    このエントリーと関係ない話題で申し訳ないのですが、Budget Troubleでの第二回Show Me Japanエントリーの際、前回の参加者の中からランダムに選んだ5人の方のエントリー記事の中で使われた写真を掲載したいと思ってます。
    もしAnzuさんが承諾して頂けるなら、Anzuさんの前回のエントリーで使われた写真一枚を第二回Show Me Japanエントリーで掲載する事は可能でしょうか?
    A and Y Ikeda

  2. I always enjoy a view into life in your Japan...even if it is in miniature. Very fun little images showing how life was and is. Your cats make me smile. Cats are masters at enjoying life. Wish I had your weather. Ours is COLD!!!!

  3. What a splendid post!
    I like everything: the photos of the miniatures, the roof full of flowers and leaves, the video, the dear little friends ... ah, how wonderful!


  4. What a great idea !!!

    Giving a new meaning to 'time'. Please have a wonderful Thursday you all.

    daily athens

  5. 古き良き時代の風景っていいですよね。

  6. YOUSUKE さんへ
     私のブログは一度にあれもこれもお話ししたくて、とりとめのない物になりがちです。失ってしまった物の中に大切な物があったんじゃないかしらと思うのがノスタルジーなんでしょうか? おしゃる通り、ささやかな楽しみの為にたっぷり時間を使えるそんな日が、幸せな1日なのかもしれませんね。

  7. こんにちは。ブログへのコメントありがとうございます。懐かしい風景に出会うととてもうれしくなります。ちなみに僕も銭湯大好きです。特に昔ながらの銭湯。東京にはまだ意外に銭湯が残ってるんですよね。ああ銭湯が恋しい。。。

  8. How cute!! enjoyed the glimpses of life in Japan!! what a cute pic of you cat!! I love the expression!!!

  9. Pretty interesting. I can only imagine now- more than ever how beautiful Japan is. I am amazed at the diversity!! Autumn and winter..so much color.
    Morning glory over the shop roof- early fall is fantastic!!
    The black and white kitty video was charming too..have a wonderful week:)


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