Happy Graduation !

My daughter will start as a member of society from coming April 1st.

The students of the same generation overcame recruitment selection in tears,
through the worst hiring slump in 15 years.

When her college graduation was just 1 week away,
the huge earthquake wreaked maximum damage in 110 years.

Like many a college in Tokyo did it,
her college announced the cancellation of graduation ceremony. 
I'll tell you why.
① We need to save on electricity at the time of desperate electricity shortage. 
② On the occasion of subsequent aftershock, we might have no methods of transport.
③ We express our sympathy to the victims and to their families, and
would like to donate for them from the cost of graduation ceremony.
I feel proud of their decisions.

However, we were sorry to be unable to attend her graduation ceremony,
I was looking forward to taking commemorative photos of my daughter
in traditional Japanese kimono and Hakama skirt.

We relinquished all hope for a while, but we noticed that
there's no time like now forever.
We determined to taking commemorative photos of graduation
privately at their alma mater with friends.

My decision was not wrong.
Their cheerful smiles are charming, and
I'm happy to know they feel hopeful about the future.

Happy Graduation !

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  1. Yes, Happy Graduation! They do look so lovely and hopeful in a time of many problems. Life goes on, and it is beautiful young people like your daughter and her companions that will make it so.

  2. What a beautiful girl your daughter is. I'm sorry she missed a graduation ceremony, but you made this occasion special for her anyway. I haven't seen a hakama in such a long time.

  3. Concratulations upon this achivement ! May time and life continue to treat you all kind.

    A wonderful entry of yours, full of hope and spring. Patience, good thoughts and a great weekend for you all.

    daily athens

  4. You have a beautiful daughter :-)
    Love her kimono :-) so different and BEAUTIFUL fashion like ours !!!

    I want to tell her
    "HAPPY Graduation"
    life goes on but its VERY diffecult now in your country.
    I think the whole day on all people at your country and special on your family because we are GREAT friends :))

    Amazing idea from you to make pictures :-)

    Hugs for the weekend to all
    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<

  5. Concratulations

  6. I proud of your daughter !
    Even this difficult time, She have her great spirit ! She Rock !
    I believe she will have a great future.
    She have my purrs for that ! Congratulations !!!!

  7. ゚・:,。☆(*'ー')/Your praise is much appreciated, and your words have reassured me.\('ー'*)☆,。・:・゚
    Thanks to all of you !!

  8. Congratulations!! Your daughter is sailing for her brilliant life. How beautiful her smile is!

  9. snowwhite さん
     お褒めの言葉嬉しく思います。ありがとうございます! 子育ても、光陰矢のごとし。今の状況下で、いろいろ考えましたが、成長の記録は貴重だと今改めて思いました。彼らは待ってくれませんね。


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