A fateful encounter

At the annual event in the spring sun,
I experience the joy of modeling against various flowers.

It is unusual for my elder sister to join our walk.

Wow !
(A cute girl-dog is walking past me briskly.)

What a lovely girl ♪

She is my type.

I should have gotten a haircut at a hairdresser.

Goma ! Don't worry. Probably,
A fateful encounter will turn out fine no matter how it started.

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  1. You so cute !!! I love your pictures always look so gooooood : )

  2. How handsome he is!! He looks more cute with beautiful flowers!!

  3. The sister is indeed a cute girl. Her blossom decorations are very fashionable. It looks like a fine day for enjoying the garden.

  4. These are wonderful photos of your family..love the maroon flowers! I've been seeing so many blossoms too. I have a deeper appreciation of Japan in that I realize how pretty and diverse it is after being on the blogsphere.
    I just wanted to say I enjoyed your bicycle adventure and nice that you put the link in.
    My computer is driving me crazy..very delayed! (lol)

  5. She sure is a cutie! I'm so glad you're having such a beautiful spring.

  6. Thanks to all of your comments ! I'm so glad you are fan of our dog. Goma gives us a lot of enjoyments. (o゚▽゚)o゚▽゚)o゚▽゚)o♪
    Moreover, it's my pleasure you are interested in my previous post about Kyoto. It's full of wonderful treasures. Please come and enjoy Japanese ancient city, Kyoto (*゚ー゚*)!!

  7. Ah, fall in love amidst the flowers is an unforgettable experience ...
    A beautiful evening: I particularly like the second and third last photo: a magnificent portrait!
    Thanks for this post so fragrant!

  8. Kawaii! I especially liked the Sakura on your dog's head.
    Is it a black shih tzu? I keep a shih tzu girl too!
    Please take a look if you are pleased.

    BTW, I came from ichigoichielove blog. ^ ^

  9. so cute!!The Sakura looks so beautiful!!!

  10. シーズーではなかったんですね、大変失礼しました!!I didn't even know "Belgium Griffon" or "Brussels Griffon". How cute!! シーズーと似ててびっくりしました。 ^^;

  11. Ahhhhh 可愛すぎる!!!!!!!
    I love the picture with the sakura blossoms especially. ^^

  12. Kirinさん
     ワンコの犬種なんて実はなんでもいいと考えてます。ただお顔の好みはありますね。(^ー'*) シーズやパグ系のお顔が好きです。その上、性格が可愛いと思えれば出会いに感謝です。


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