The season for giving summer gifts

It is currently the season for giving summer gifts or "ochugen."

Japanese send seasonal gifts called oseibo at the end of the year, and ochugen in summer.
It's a gift for someone who has done something for your family,
like a teacher, a boss, parents and other relatives.

Also, Japanese are particular about choosing a style of wrapping paper.
Department store's wrapping papers are suitable for Ochugen or Oseibo.
And then these gifts are wrapped in paper called noshi.
It's noshi written a little note that Summer Gift
/Ochugen. 御中元
However, the choosing of articles during the mid-year season is fairly difficult.

ちょっと昼寝してから考えよう ・・・
Let's get on with it after a short nap ・・・

We, Cats prefer to lie down on
Newspapers which you haven't yet read.
This is information that you should know.
Cats would really like your summer gift wrapped in newspaper
which you haven't yet read.

① 飼い主が新聞を広げ読み始めると、彼らは今 暇であると勝手に思い込む。
② この静かなひと時に かまってもらおうと思う。
③ 新聞の上で、飼い主を見つめながら座り込む。
④ 柔らかいお腹を出して寝転がり、たぁんとなでてもらう。
⑤ 今日も作戦成功。

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  1. I think human will read you instead..heh..heh
    Mom said you are so cute !!!

  2. Hehe. Cats know what to do with newspaper and wrapping paper. They are not particular as long as the paper is important and needed by their humans.

    The wrapping paper you show is very lovely. But I agree. For me shopping for gifts is very difficult and requires several naps to prepare.

  3. Cats like papers - any papers I think. You just like to bug your mommies and daddies with their unread newspaper.

    Emma and Buster

  4. I am always impressed with the gorgeous packaging the Japanese do. Everything is always wrapped so exquisitely.

  5. I think so..what a pose- so bright and colorful!!


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