Western confectionery in Kobe

Let's come along with me to my home town Kobe.
Quote a passage / Hear the Wind Sing
by Haruki Murakami
文章 「風の歌を聴け」より
---- I was a terribly quiet boy when I was little.
My parents were so worried they dragged me off
to see a psychologist friend of theirs.
---- 小さい頃、僕はひどく無口な少年だった。

GOSHOBO in Arima (有馬温泉/御所坊 館内)

---- The doctor's house was up on a rise from where you could see the ocean.
I was led to a sunny parlor where I seated myself on a couch
and this nice middle-aged woman brought me
chilled orange juice and two doughnuts.

---- 医者の家は海の見える高台にあり、僕が陽当たりの良い応接室のソファーに座ると、

Kobe Harbor View from Mt. Maya Hotel.

painted by Koiso Ryohei
Koiso Ryohei, a leading Showa-Era oil painter was born in Kobe.
He is one of my favorite artists.

At a curio shop on Kitano st. in Kobe,
I got this miniature statue,
has "De Lampenmaakster" stamped on its base.
It might be a kind of memento from Holland. 
(私の神戸土産、北野にある骨董店にて購入。台座に De Lampenmaaksterと彫られている。
どうやら元はオランダ土産 ?小さいのにずっしりと重く気に入ってます。)

---- I ate half the doughnut, taking care not to drop sugar in my lap,
and drank all the orange juice.
"Would you like more juice?" the doctor asked,
but I shook my head.
The two of us sat all alone, facing each other.

---- 僕は膝に砂糖をこぼさぬように注意してドーナッツを半分食べ、オレンジ・ジュースを飲み干した。
「もっと飲むかい?」 と医者が訊ね、僕は首を振った。


Kobe Port Tower (red tower) is a longtime landmark in Kobe city.
(摩耶山頂から。 神戸ポートタワー、オリエンタルホテル、ホテルオークラ 等が見える。)

---- A portrait of Mozart looking nervous as a cat glared at me from
the wall straight ahead.
---- 正面の壁からはモーツアルトの肖像画が臆病な猫みたいにうらめし気に僕をにらんでいた。


---- "Once, long ago, there lived a friendly billy goat."
What a great lead-in that was !
I closed my eyes and imagined that friendly billy goat.
---- 「昔ね、あるところにとても人の良い山羊がいたんだ。」

The cable car for Mt.Maya.

---- " Now the billy goat always wore a heavy gold watch around his neck,
and he huffed and puffed just walking around.
---- 「山羊はいつも重い時計を首から下げて、ふうふう言いながら歩き回ってたんだ。
---- Once a week, on Sunday afternoons,
I found myself going regularly-a hop on the train
and then by bus to the doctor's,
 ---- 週に一度、日曜日の午後、僕は電車とバスを乗り継いで医者の家に通い、


神戸 -TOR ROAD- || 店舗情報 ||
( Delicatessen, Bakery, Steak house, Boutique, Coffee shop around Tor Road )
(元町トアロードにある デリカテッセン、パン屋、ステーキハウス、婦人用品店CROSS、珈琲店)


----Where I'd get coffee buns or apple pie or pancake
or glazed croissants while having therapy.
One whole year like that, so I ended up having to go to the dentist, too.
---- コーヒー・ロールやアップルパイやパンケーキや蜜のついたクロワッサンを食べながら治療を受けた。

In Kobe, the western confectionery culture of various foreign countries
was born approximately 100 years ago.
( 神戸では、ほぼ100年前に諸外国の洋菓子文化が誕生しました。)
Confectionery and cake companies headquartered in Kobe, Japan.
ユーハイム Juchheim


ゴンチャロフ  Goncharoff
日本の神戸で創業した チョコレート メーカー。
1923年に創業した老舗ブランドです。祖国で培った技術を駆使 して作られるチョコレートは


Whiskey bonbon

My daughter's selection for a souvenir
Russian import shop
ロシア雑貨 いりえのほとり

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  1. Kobe appears as a beautiful city. It looks like it has recovered well from the terrible earthquake. Now that I know it is the home to the confectionery culture it seems even sweeter.

  2. 神戸の街をじっくり時間をかけて歩いてみたいです。

  3. What a fun set of photos! They show your love for Kobe. Neat too that we have a Kobe Fugetsudo shop here in California. They are very good!

  4. Plenty of interesting photos. I love the stained-glass and the manhole covers. Cool! :)

  5. 風の歌を聴けは、懐かしいです。村上春樹氏の長編は好きで今まで全て読んできたのですが、1Q84から挫折しています。自分の中の価値観が変わってきたのか、あるいは、作品が変わってきたのかは、よくわかりません。

  6. Thank you very much for your effort of this great journey !

    Please have you all a good Sunday.

    daily athens

  7. Your home town looks lovely. And the sweets must be delicious! :-)

  8. Well there is so much to like about this! I love the glass with flowers above that view and the art work. You did a nice job..the train is really cool and ya, I can imagine how all those sweets necessitated going to a dentist (lol). The little history- deserts with all the images, especically puddy tat next to Mozart (smile) were very enriching..I truly enjoyed this!! Wishing you a wonderful
    day, Regina-

  9. Forgot to say I think your web page is terrific and would be interested on an update in regard to the earthquake:)

  10. みなさんとご一緒に神戸を巡ることができ嬉しく思います。多くの犠牲者を出した震災に見舞われた郷里。帰省する度にかつての面影を懸命に探します。力強い復興への努力のおかげで輝きを取り戻した街に迎えられとても幸いです。東北を故郷に持つ方々が愛する街の面影を探す時、何も見つからない寂しさを想うと気の毒でなりません。復興ではなく、再現をも視野にいれる事がその街に住み、郷里である方々の希望である事は間違いないと思います。かつての街並みを映す写真を集結したアーカイブ保存館などの建設は喜ばれる事でしょう。人の想いで街を作る、それが理想なのかもしれませんね。

  11. cocominoさん

  12. I'm glad of hearing your truthful comment.
    Thank you !

    I'm surprised to find my cat is similar to Mozart unexpectedly. (;´▽`?
    Don't worry, Kobe is all right now.

  13. Wonderful views over the city! As you know I've never been to Japan but Kobe rings a bell for two reasons: the 1995 earthquake and the fantastic aquarium which I would love to visit someday.


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