The Radiant Sea 光る海

Kobe Port View / Feb. 10th 2011.
During the early morning navigation, the brilliantly scintillating sea was cut into a ship.
今年の二月 冬の神戸港。
 早起きした朝、ホテルの窓から キラキラ光輝く海を 滑るように走る船が見えました。

See the pre-war post cards
of Suma seashore landscape (須磨海岸),
that while producing a magical and nostalgic atmosphere
overflows with imagery of old days' life in hometown Kobe.
神戸市 須磨海岸の様子を写した 戦前の絵葉書です。

In my childhood I used to play around this seashore
with my brother during our summer vacation.
Even now, it's my favorite time while I'm looking at the sea
extends as far as the eye can see
from the train's window running along the sea.
Those days, there were a few pine trees like the ones in the photos.
幼い頃 夏休みになると、ここ須磨の海岸で弟と一緒によく遊びました。

Beach Bar / 海の家.
I have a desire to be gazing absently into the radiant sea
just like the old days on the beach.
あの日に帰って、海辺でぼんやりと光る海を眺めていたいなぁ と思うことがあります。
While we're eating a bowl of shaved ice with strawberry syrup.
苺シロップのかかった かき氷でも食べながら。

Please Enjoy My YouTube
included my old days scenery by the sea.
ビデオに 私の原風景を含みます。

How Deep is the Ocean ? by Bill Evans

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  1. Wow ! What a gorgeous photos ! and lots of them look like the painting !
    Thank You to share with us

  2. Yummy kakigori! They are so colourful. :)

  3. とても、懐かしい物をいろいろお持ちですね。そういえば、私は子どもの頃切手を集めていて、このようなレトロなデザインや風景の切手をたくさん並べていたのを思い出しました。

  4. Something about the shining sea that makes us relax. I very much like your photos, both new and old.

  5. I'm glad of your visit and kind comments ♪
    Thank you ! (*´∇`*)

  6. cocominoさん
     ますます昔のコレクションが貴重になってくる歳となりました(笑) 是非、切手コレクションご紹介下さい !

  7. Good nostalgic feelings- I love the trains and the sea!! So I learned Suma-ku is one of 9 wards of Kobe.. interesting..looks so vast- thanks for the delightful memories!


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