Renewable Energy / Cat's Power

Renewable Energy
Mainstream forms of it.

Don't Forge Cat's Power !
It might be a remarkable renewable energy !?
Toy Go Round Cat Exercise Wheel.
That seems much expensive.

Bengal Cats, Flash and Pixel are very gorgeous cats !
They show us cat's power is their remarkable beauty.


● 自然界で起こっている現象から取り出すことができ、
● 短期間・自発的に再生される自然現象に由来し、枯渇しないエネルギー源のこと。

猫発電 も あると思います!?

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  1. Lol)..you know, before my husband walked outside we watched this together with our kitten
    (honest-ha ha) I kept a good size rat outside so he could see it too (one of them is doing a their job)! The eye of the tiger is intense and so pretty huh?!!
    Have a great weekend-

  2. A very beautiful cat in that power generator. Our big fat Thomas could use such exercise, but I think he would decide the wheel was a great place for a nap.

  3. 駅の改札とか道路上で振動発電の実験もされていたので、きっと猫発電もできると思いますよ。ひっかくエネルギーを掃除機に使ったりとか。。:)

  4. This is so funny! I'm all for solar power here in Hawaii.

  5. 面白い!!猫発電!! それなら、コスパとかイグザスでバイクをこぐエネルギーとかウォーキングマシンも活用できそうですね。バスから降りるときのトーンという振動もすごいエネルギーらしいですよ。Anzuさん、暑さを忘れる素晴らしいブログです。


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