Signal Flags Vividly Flying

The system of international maritime signal flags is one system of flag signals
representing individual letters of the alphabet in signals to or from ships.
“U” “W”の順に並べて掲げると(二字信号)「御安航を祈る」の意になります。
Along the streets of the port of Yokohama,
A pair of these signal flags are vividly flying under the summer sun at the moment.
横浜の街路に添って、今 真夏の太陽の下 この旗が鮮やかに掲げられています。

Scandia Restaurant Since 1963

I enjoyed the movie with my whole family in ages after Sunday brunch.
From Kokuriko Hill

I hope this town will not lose its brightness forever.
いつまでも この街が輝いていますように。

An impressive animation movie set in beautiful Yokohama
is now screening in cinemas throughout Japan.

さよならの夏 ~ コクリコ坂から ~
手蔦 葵

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  1. この模様は、初めて知りました。横浜はいつみてもお洒落な街ですね。3,4回くらいしか行ったことないですけどイメージがすぐわきます。

  2. A very beautiful and amazing harbor there in Yokohama. The ships are gigantic! I have never been to such a place. I wish you a pleasant voyage too. The movie looks very good.

  3. Leenie
    Please visit Yokohama by a luxury liner Asuka Ⅱ. It will come alongside the pier in front of the New Grand Hotel of Yokohama which is popular to foreigners. I'm waiting for you !

  4. Cocomino さん

  5. Oh wow, this is such a beautiful series (sharp how you included the flags)..the ships are so big and the sea and pretty pastel skies are fantastic!! The video is cute..just a delightful share-

  6. We've never been to Yokohama. I'll have to ask my husband whether it will be on our list of places to visit next year.

  7. These are lovely and interesting photos. How funny to have those message flags as decorations, I wonder what sailors think when they see them!

  8. Jenny Woolf
    I'm glad of your visit and comment. Thank you!
    There are the other pennants used only for answering message. They might have shown their thanks for cooperation. My funny English blog is similar to those signal flags. (LOL)


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