Where Has My Hat Gone ?

Do you know me ?
My name is Cui-daore taro. I make my livelihood by advertising.
I'm a mini-celebrity in the Kansai, the second largest metropolitan area in Japan.

大阪では むかしから、眼鏡かけて人の良さそうなお人はかならず、

Actually, I look up to Mr. Colonel Sanders as his world wide popularity and long career.


The grand old Adman from USA,
Mr. Colonel received such treatment as a fan of The Hanshin Tigers in Osaka.
Tigers is one of Nippon Professional Baseball teams located in Kansai.

アメリカ から来はった大御所アドマン、カーネルはんも、大阪では こないな事に ・・・。

(from Wikipedia)
In 1985, much to Japanese people's surprise,
the Hanshin Tigers took their first and only victory in the Japan Series,
largely due to star slugger Randy Bass, an American playing for the team.

The fan base went wild, and a riotous celebration gathered at Ebisubashi Bridge
 in Dōtonbori, Osaka. There, an assemblage of supporters yelled the players' names,
and with every name a fan resembling a member of the victorious team leapt from the bridge
into the waiting canal. However, lacking someone to imitate MVP Randy Bass,
the rabid crowd seized a Colonel Sanders (like Bass, the Colonel had a beard and was not Japanese)
 plastic statue from a nearby KFC and tossed it off the bridge as an effigy.

Finally fond after 24 years
The Colonel was finally discovered in the Dotonbori River on March 10, 2009.
Divers who recovered the statue at first thought it was only a large barrel,
and shortly after a human corpse, but Hanshin fans on the scene were quick to identify
it as the upper body of the long-lost Colonel. The right hand and lower body were found next day,
but the statue is still missing its glasses and left hand.

1985年 阪神タイガースが優勝した時 彼、えらい目におうて 24 年間も行方不明でしたんや。
2009年 道頓堀川の底から 彼が見つかった時、ほんま嬉しかったわぁ~。

Oh ? Where Has My Hat Gone ?
はて ?  帽子があれへん ! 
Hey !
What do you think you are doing ?
It's my powerful business tool !!

These are funny free gifts that come with "cui-daore taro pudding"
my daughter bought a gift to take home
when she went to Osaka to play tennis with her colleagues.
This pudding is really yummy !
Please try the sweets and enjoy with goods on your ways.



この帽子は 大阪土産 「くいだおれ太郎 プリン」のおまけです。
おまけでも こない楽しめますさかい 是非どうぞ~。


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  1. Very interesting and fun information about poor Colonel Sanders taking one for the team. I'm glad he finally surfaced. Cui-daore taro is very handsome with or without his hat. But you kitty friends with hats made me laugh out loud. Cats have very expressive faces.

    Yes, "Enough already!"

  2. そういえば、ケンタッキーが見つかったなんてニュースありましたね。大阪は一度だけ行きましたが、韓国街で焼肉食べたのと、たこ焼きを食べたという、食べ物のことが印象深いです。。:)

  3. Looks like so much to see downtown Osaka.. but what an interesting story too. Enjoyed the hats and always appreciate the way you weave your colorful stories in together with your sweet furry posers!
    When I was a little girl my mom would take us to visit my Grandma..it was about the only time she would pick up KFC lunch for us..our family was big so we didn't get to eat out much.
    Hats off to you for another neat post~

  4. You do have the cutest cat photos!

  5. A very interesting and fun post! The Colonel definitely looks a little worse for wear.

  6. ケンタッキー・カーネルなんですか?


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