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Bottled Love Cat

Snuff Bottle  (from Wikipedia)

Snuff bottles were used by the Chinese during the Qing Dynasty to contain powdered tobacco. Smoking tobacco was illegal during the Dynasty, but the use of snuff was allowed because the Chinese considered snuff to be a remedy for common illnesses such as colds, headaches and stomach disorders. Therefore, snuff was carried in a small bottle like other medicines.
The snuff bottle is comparable to the snuff box used by Europeans.


鼻煙壺 (びえんこ) BI YAN FU

Tobacco was introduced to the court at Beijing some time during the mid- to late-16th century. It was originally smoked in pipes before the establishment of the Qing Dynasty. The use of snuff and snuff bottles spread through the upper class, and by the end of the 17th century it had become a part of social ritual to use snuff. This lasted through most of the 18th century. Eventually, the trend spread into the rest of the country and into every social class. It was common to offer a pinch of snuff as a way to greet friends and relatives. Snuff bottles soon became an object of beauty and a way to represent status. The highest status went to whoever had the rarest and finest snuff bottle.
The peak of snuff bottle manufacture was during the 18th century.
高価な嗅ぎ煙草を湿けらせない為にも、 密封度が高い壷状の容器が考えられました。

The use of snuff increased and decreased with the rise and fall of the Qing Dynasty and died away soon after the establishment of the Republic of China. However, replica snuff bottles are still being made, and can be purchased in souvenir shops, flea markets and museum gift shops. Original snuff bottles from the Qing period are a desirable target for serious collectors and museums. A good bottle has an extra quality over and above its exquisite beauty and value: that is touch.
Snuff bottles were made to be held and so, as a rule, they have a wonderful tactile quality.
『官料鼻煙壺』と呼ばれ、 主に家臣への褒美や外交時の手土産などに使われました。


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  1. Wow !!! What a magic art ! So unique and beautiful !!!!

  2. Amazing.中国も日本と同様、湿気が多いんですね。どうやって作ってるんだろうといろいろ考えさせられる、興味深い物ですね。

  3. Such pretty snuff bottles..I can just imagine how this type of thing would catch on!!
    The lyrical and bottled love are quite nice indeed!

  4. I wonder if you own these beautiful pieces and also if they are originals or replicas. Okay, I know you don't own the Lyrical Love Cat. Cats belong to no one but themselves. ;-)

    Thank you for the information on something I knew nothing about.

  5. I'm glad to hear you are interested in BI YAN FU. (o^-^o)
    It was painted on the inside of glass skillfully with a thin curved-tip pen. I got one of them at a souvenir shop when the Chinese arts show was held at a department store. It might have been made not for actual use but collectors. (*'-')b I think you will be able to get it easily for a reasonable price at Chinatown if you wish.

  6. Your photos and the history are all so fasinating! I've never seen a snuff bottle before but I'm sure after seeing your gorgeous photos, I'll be able to recognize it :D


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