Night Picnic

Night picnic is no bad, isn't it ?
I hope to capture your silhouette waving to me on the Ferris Wheel !

How about enjoying the cool evening breeze ?

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  1. Wow, oh ya, this makes for a fabulous picnic!! I can just imagine the breeze..lovely night time shots and you did an excellent job on your series in monochrome Ann!! The lights and watery reflections are very attractive..wishing you a delightful weekend~~

  2. Yes, Wow! That is amazing to have a Ferris Wheel in the middle of the city. You must have had a super time. I like the black and white photos especially.

  3. Feels to be a chance to visit another, happy, bright and kind world. Thank you for this glimpse.

    Please have you all a good new week.

    daily athens

  4. 幻想的な横浜ですね。白黒写真は何か、アーティスティックで雰囲気を感じます。何枚かの写真は、日本じゃなくヨーロッパの街並みですといっても信じてもらえそうですね。

  5. cocominoさん
     私達には食傷ぎみの風景、なんとか新鮮にしてみたいと出来る範囲で工夫してみました。このような写真を褒めて頂き照れくさいです。(^◇^;)ゝ 夏は白黒写真が涼しげでいいですね。


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