My Little Collection

From my favorite collection, I pick out a few animal characters
look more adequate against a background.
I hope you enjoy my little collection !

I get a picture of an Akita Inu with Nagoya Castle in the background.
秋田犬 と 名古屋城

---- I kept an Akita dog outside in a kennel in my parents' home several decades ago.
She was a loyal and warm-hearted dog. I had been suffering a huge loss
for a long time after we lost her.  Evem now, I miss her. ----
とても愛嬌のある 愛情豊かな犬でした。彼女が今でも恋しいです。

A Maneki Neko with 牡丹 Paeonia suffruticosa.
Genus: Paeonia
招き猫 と 牡丹
I love a purple color's Paeonia especially.
牡丹の花が好きです。 黒紫色の牡丹は素敵ですね。

I was glad to find a beautiful garden
filled with blooming various Paeonia while traveling in this May.

A cat with GAUGUIN
Gien France Sm Plate Dealer Gift GAUGUIN Leda Swan 1990”
猫 と ゴーギャン

Gauguin, Paul (1848-1903) Mini and Her Cat 1890

Three Leather Cats with Circular Cottage in England, Blaise Hamlet.
3匹の猫 と 英国の旧家

The Scottish Fold is a gentle cat.
By the way, our family of three will make
four-day three-night trip to TAIPEI this weekend.
It's our first visit to Taiwan.
We hope to find fantastic worlds we never knew.

During our absence, the dearest companions will stay at a pet-hotel.
The hotel gives them kind hospitality.
However, their health is our most concerned matter.

5 件のコメント:

  1. Love your collections ! Very fine art : )
    I like the cat one, of course ; )
    and your garden looks gorgeous !!! Just like the painting
    Have a great day my friends

  2. ご心配いただきどうもありがとうございます。


  3. 台湾へ行くんですか。うらやましいです。偶然にも、私の会社で隣に座っている人がつい最近、台湾へ行ってました。それほど、遠くないし、円高の影響もあって手ごろに行けるようですね。

  4. Most beautiful, tasteful and diverse collection. I can understand your missing your Akita friend. I hope you have a fine trip to Taiwan. Your cat friends will miss you, but it sounds like they will have a fine adventure as well.

  5. That castle is old and sure went through a lot..interesting about the Dolphins. The dog- so beautiful and I can understand how you feel!!
    I enjoyed the various images- cats and garden of special flowers today..wishing you a fabulous trip!! Please, do brag about your trip when you get back and let us know how the kids did in their pet hotel (lol) Wishing you all a wonderful weekend~


Thanks for coming !