Fly to Taiwan

We took a 3.5- hour flight to Taiwan from Haneda/Tokyo.

There is only a 1-hour time difference between Japan and Taiwan.
There was a drenching summer shower in the every evening.
It was so lucky we never opened an umbrella.
The lower temperatures following the shower brought us a comfortable night walk.


The first tourist spot/ Jiufen.
Jiufen was only an isolated village until 1893, when gold was discovered in the area.
The resulting gold rush hastened the village's development into a town,
and reached its peak during the Japanese rule.
I felt a more deep connection to this country than I thought.

Jiufen also became popular in 2001,
when its downtown was used as a model in the anime movie Spirited Away.
日本では、九份が2001年に公開された映画 「千と千尋の神隠し」のモデルになった町として紹介され

Without taking pictures of dogs or cats, I couldn't walk through the market !!
どこへ行っても、犬 猫を見ると撮らずにおれません(笑)
Taiwan is absolutely a Dog Friendly country.
From luxurious to street stalls, many Taiwan restaurants serve Hai Hsieng food.
Most recipes are to Japanese taste.
This restaurant was full of almost Japanese tourists.
ほとんどの台湾料理は日本人好みです。 どれもおいしかったです

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  1. So many amazing photos! The only thing familiar to me in your pictures were the cats and dogs. You must have had a wonderful time on your visit.

  2. What wonderful travelogue photos. She especially love the cats and dogs images.

    Emma and Buster

  3. Your photots are magic to me and you seem to catch such captivating angles- night lights and yes- the animals!! That's so good to hear that..love to see them lounging around- feeling so relaxed and welcome!
    Well this whole place- the architecture is just facinating to me (like story book) must be wonderful to visit! Thanks for your special share-

  4. Thank you for your effort and this wonderful journey very much !

    Agree with the voice from above, it is like a story book and I enjoyed it much. Please have you all a good time.

    daily athens

  5. とても、独特の風景がたくさんあって楽しめました。千と千尋の神隠しで見覚えのある建物を見つけました。そっくりですね。建物も雰囲気も。私も行ってみたいです。

  6. I especially liked photos in the very end - such bright blue colour and beautiful islands and hills!


Thanks for coming !