Expect the unexpedcted !?

One Day

Wow !
Lucky Me !

Hot Dog !
It's my favorite ! 
うっほー 大好物。

Birthday Cake.

Another Day

Nuts !

Travels In the Blue.

These are our daily life expected.

No joke intended.
Tokyo's next big quake is not something that we can expect in the far future!
Earthquake prediction data shows that
a magnitude 7 earthquake will occur 50~70% of the time within 4years.


There's very little we can do about it.
All someone knows is that we should get drinking water,
flashlights, a radio ready beforehand.
However much you may prepare for it, 
What is meant to be is meant to be, we can't change that.
There is no use in swinging from joy to sorrow.
What will be will be・・・
For Heaven's Sake !

東京首都圏に 4 年以内に大地震が 50~70% の確率で起きると言われてもね。
 一喜一憂しててもはじまらない、なるようになるだけ ・・・ ?

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  1. 誕生日おめでとうございます。地震の予知はあくまで予想ですから、あまり振り回されないようにしています。。

    1. そうなんですよね。実は考えると怖いので考えないようにしています。

  2. Double egg for breakfast is a GOOD unexpected. Whatever Goma is eating---it looks like a pickle or asparagus---is a strange unexpected for a dog. Even Natsu looks bewildered. Funny unexpected is much, much better than earthquake disaster unexpected. I hope nothing like that is in your future!

    1. Leenie, Thank you very much !
      Although our destiny may keep a foot in both a blessing and a curse, we hope to keep standing firmly on the ground shaking. σ(^_^;)

  3. I welcome unexpected “joyful” surprises. Earthquake is so terrifying. We can’t avoid it but we can minimum the damages when prepared not overly but properly. Nankai or To-Nankai earthquake could happen earlier than Kanto earthquake. We are in the same boat as a Japanese.

    I can’t write a comment to the last post, so I’ll write here.
    Thank you Anzu-san, I’ve learned the idiomatic meaning of “three dogs night" for the first time. Stay warm, and take care when you drive or walk on the slippery roads.


  4. Yoko-san, Thank you! On that particular day, I pray that many of Japanese could be left unharmed and protect something important to us. 禍いが小さいものでありますように。いつもありがとうございます。優しい言葉とても嬉しいです。

  5. Boy, so true!! Well I think it would be difficult to adjust to anyway. I think we are halfway expecting an erruption at some point (besides the ongoing one which is easy to forget about). I suppose it is quieter for longer periods of time though? I enjoyed the cute furry posers! Hopefully I'll get a post up soon.
    Thanks for thinking about me too (hugs)

    1. Hi! Regina. Thank you very much.
      I have come to know that everywhere in the world there is a sort of morbid what-if. Anyway, It's silly worrying about what-ifs.
      ('-'*)I'm glad to hear from you.♪ I'm looking forward to see you with your charming families.


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