Gyotaku of Taiyaki

むかし 1 匹のさかながいてね。
There was once a fish.

( いたんだからしょうがないだろう?)
( What more could you wish ? )

He lived in the sea.

Printings of various Taiyaki

( 水の中にきまってるだろう? )
 ( Where else would he be  ?  )

Gyotaku (Japanese 魚拓, from gyo "fish" + taku "rubbing") is
a traditional form of Japanese fish printing or rubbing, dating from the mid-19th century,
a form of nature printing used by fishermen to record their catches.
In order to make a gyotaku print, one places the subject (e.g. fish, crab, scallop shell)
on a wooden bench and paints one side with sumi ink.
Next a piece of paper or other material is laid over the ink-covered fish.
Finally, one rubs the material until there is the image of the fish on it.

Taiyaki (literally "baked sea bream) is a Japanese fish-shaped cake.
The most common filling is red bean paste that is made from sweetened azuki beans.

He was caught on a line.

( ぼくの針にきまってるだろう? )
( Whose line if not mine ? )

So I brought him to you.

( あたり前だろう? )
( What else should I do ? )

猫 拓 
Cat-Taku  (Cat-Rubbing) ?

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